Schools Corner

This page provides inspiration to reduce your impact on the planet by being waste wise. There are easy changes you and your school can make that will dramatically reduce the amount of materials buried in landfill.

In the past Noosa schools have done wonderful things to minimise their waste and reduce litter entering and harming the environment. For example encouraging parents to pack lunches with little or no packaging reduced weekly waste by 35% for one primary school.

A local high school thought it was very important to protect the waterways so they ran a program where every drain was stencilled with anti littering messages and posters were displayed around the school and town centre.

Paper is the main item of waste at school, it is great if they all end up in the recycle bin but reuse should be considered before recycling. Make sure when printing to print on both sides and that any single-sided printed paper is reused as a notepad or something similar.

Many schools have constructed vegetable gardens and food forests with compost systems in place. Diverting food scraps from landfill will again have a big impact on reducing waste to landfill but it will also give the gardens a source of natural fertiliser if composting is done correctly.

A final tip: if you want to reduce waste and be waste wise, use the waste hiarchary.

Try to avoid or reduce creating waste in the first place, if packaging is necessary can it be reused, if not make sure it can be recycled, otherwise can it or the unwanted product be of value to someone else, only dispose items as last resort.