The following web-based resources have been collated for easy access by schools and the general public they include:

  • Government Policy Papers / Strategies / Reports
  • Information and lessons plans
  • Fact sheets, posters and stickers
Government Policy Papers / Strategies / Reports
Information and Lesson Plans

Packaging Convent have put together a booklet outlining what various councils and not for profit groups have done in regards to education and minimisation of waste in Australia.

Keep Queensland Beautiful runs a Cleaner Greener Schools program, their site has good information and helpful resources.

Ecobiz has tools, resources, events and case studies to help businesses become more sustainable.

Planet Ark has a range of resources for kids, such as educational activities & colouring sheets. They also have the Recycling Near You page that gives detailed and practical information on what can be put in the kerbside recycling bin. It also lists local collection points for other recyclable products like batteries, printer cartridges, plastic bags and ewaste. They also have fun fact sheets (e.g. 25 Things you can reuse at home; Top recycling myths busted…), reports and links to educational resources.

EPA NSW has a practical Stormwater Teaching Guide with interactive activities designed for Science, Technology and Geography curriculum.

Redefining Progress has a range of lesson plans such as ‘Food and You’ (prep-early primary),  ‘The Trash We Pass’ and ‘Sustainable Dining'(early high school) with particular relevance to waste, consumerism and ecological footprints.

Clean Up Australia’s Triple Bin Challenge provides detailed manual, worksheets and practical activities for reporting for schools wanting to participate in the challenge. The three bin system allows clear segregation of wastes into paper, tins and plastics, and general rubbish, to reduce contamination and maximize recycling efficiency.

Global Stewards gives practical “eco tips” for individuals, including waste reduction by “simiplifying your life”, bulk purchases, waste-free lunches, “frugal printing”, community swap, etc…

Fact Sheets, Posters & Stickers

The Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection has made available sticker and poster templates for recycling in various settings.They also have a Primary School Sector Profile which you can compared to your schools waste audit.

The NSW Dept of Environment & Conservation has fun and informative posters on composting, worm-farming and mulching.