Litter Free Lunches

litter free lunch

A typical primary school child produces more than three pieces of rubbish a day, just from their lunch and morning tea at school. A school of 800 students thus produces some 12,000 pieces of rubbish a week or nearly half a million pieces a year!








Take a look at your lunch box, is it full of individually packaged, single-portioned food and drink items. Can you rethink what you may put in it instead.


Litter Free Lunch



Eat nude food so you don’t make any rubbish at the end of your lunch? That means food without plastic packaging.




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For instance eat a sandwich,wrap or roll  wrapped in a reusable bag or container. Have an apple or banana or some cheese, yoghurt or grapes in a small reusable container for morning tea and of course use your own drink bottle.


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If you eat nude food you create no rubbish at all and anything organic such as apple cores, banana skins or paper bags can be composted to enrich your school garden.



Check out the following links for information and tips on how to make nutritious, delicious litter free school lunches.

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Here’s a list of food packaging businesses

Sinchies produce award winning reusable food pouches.

4 My Earth have just about everything for sustainable food storage.

Biome have a huge selection of reusable eco friendly sandwich packaging.

HoneyBee wrap is a reusable beeswax food wrap, perfect for wrapping lunches, cheeses, fruit and veggies, fermented foods and snacks on the go.