Games & Videos



Cool Australia has all the curriculum material about sustainability topics you could think of.

NICA has a fun environment board game covering issues from land clearing and polluting waterways to recycling and green energy.  Both printed and electronic versions are available. Call 07-5449 9650 or email for the game.

Visit Dirt girl’s page for a variety of information and games about growing your own veggies and using food scraps for compost.

SITA Australia are a private waste management company and have put together worksheets and games for primary school waste education.

SKM Recycling has two recycling quizzes which are quite practical.




Noosa Shire Council have their own TV site, visit it for some educational movies on worm farming, composting and the green waste bin service.

The Life of a Plastic Bag shows what can happen to single use plastic bags that enter the natural environment.

A great movie is Bag It and its website has some inspiring stories from school students.

The Story of Stuff explains the processes of production and consumption with emphasis on the environmental and social issues the current system creates (21min).

This nine minute video shows the entire process of waste collection, recycling and disposal of MSW from the city of San Fransisco. It is a similar process that is used here in Australia.

Watch how garden waste is turned into nutrient rich compost.