Be Waste Wise

Queensland generated 8.5 million tonnes of waste from our households, businesses and construction industries during 2012-13; this equates to 1.9 tonnes per person per year.

Some of that waste could have been avoided, for instance there are 499 million plastic bags used every year and households throw out on average $678 worth of food every year.


Waste to landfill is resources lost and some waste also releases harmful Greenhouse Gases.


The way for Queenslanders to reduce waste to landfill is to follow the Waste Hierarchy. It indicates an order of most preferred to the least preferred options to reduce and manage waste. For instance ‘reuse’ is more preferable to ‘recycle’ because it doesn’t require new energy for transportation or creation of a new product. An example is reusing glass jars to store items instead of placing them in a recycling bin.


recycle bottles
Plastic, glass and aluminium containers can be recycled again and again.


Of course recycling is preferred to disposal and to prolong the life of our natural resources and landfill we need to recycle as much as possible. Have a look at Noosa Shire Councils A-Z Waste Guide and see what items you have around your school and house that you could recycle.


Composting creates a resource instead of waste products.


A household bin contains almost 50% garden and food waste; these are substances that could be composted and used to improve your gardens soil. Check out Noosa Council TV for videos on Composting and Worm-farming.



Clean Up Australia Day events remove 14,500 tonnes of litter and illegally dumped items each year. Visit NICA to participate in the next clean up event.