Merchandise for Sale

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Merchandise for Sale

NICA has 5 books for sale either at our office, local book shops or by mail.  Proceeds from the sale of books are used for NICA’s environmental education and protection projects.

Please contact us, by telephone or email, to arrange payment and confirm postage costs.  Please note that our office is open on Monday and Wednesday 9.30am to 2.30pm.

Payment by cash, cheque or credit card. Wholesale enquiries welcome.

We also have free brochures available;  Noosa’s Worst Weeds and Gardening in the Noosa Biosphere.

To find a list of bookshops that sell our books go to Links.

Sedges Rushes & Restiads of the Noosa Biosphere and Surrounding Regions

Written by Sonia MacDonald and Stephanie Haslam this book has been published and available from February 2017.  The book is intended as a starting point in the study of sedges, rushes and restiads.  Its is a companion volume to “Grasses of the Noosa Biosphere and Surrounding Regions”.  It contains full size images of local sedges, rushes and restiads.

Publication of this book was supported by Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation Ltd with a grant from Noosa Council’s Environment Levy.

Price is $40.00.  Postage within Qld; 1 book $11.00, 2 books $13.00.

Noosa’s Native Plants

Written by Stephanie Haslam is a field guide to 500 local plants found throughout the Sunshine Coast, Cooloola and Fraser Island. Includes common and scientific names, aboriginal use, landscaping uses,those attractive to birds and butterflies, a local weeds id list and birds list.

Price is $45.00 Postage within Qld; 1 book $11.00, 2 books $13.00

  • Weeds of the Sunshine Coast

Weeds of the Sunshine Coast

Written by Joan Heavey and Sonia MacDonald this 242 page book displays full size images of weeds and 20 of the most invasive weed grasses of the Sunshine Coast. Many are common to Cooloola, Fraser Island and South-East Qld. Methods of weed control and disposal are described.

Publication of this book is thanks to support from a Qld Government Gambling Community Benefit Fund grant.

Price is $45.00  Postage for 1 book within Qld $11.00, 2 within Qld $13.00.

  • Grasses Native and Introduced

Grasses Native and Introduced

Written by Sonia MacDonald & Stephanie Haslam ‘Grasses Native and Introduced of the Noosa Biosphere Reserve & Surrounding Regions’ contains A4 size images of 108 grasses, native and introduced, common to the wider Sunshine Coast and Cooloola and others are found throughout South East Qld.

Price is $40.00. Postage within Qld; 1 book $11.00, 2 books $13.00.

Fussy Glossies – Children’s book

Written by Catherine Chung and Kim DeVantier and illustrated by Suzanne Bloomfield, Fussy Glossies tells the story of Calypto, a lone Glossy Black Cockatoo.  This delightful children’s book raises awareness of the plight of the vulnerable Glossy Black Cockatoo.

Price is $8.00 Postage within Australia; 1 book $3.00, 2 books $4.00


Look Like Noosa Products

Looking for a unique Noosa gift?  Stephanie Haslam has made these products using actual photos of local flora and fauna which has been printed onto fabric. The prices range from $25 to $50.  Contact us for further information.

  • Noosa Native Plants TShirt

Noosa Native Plants T-Shirt

Noosa’s Native Plants TShirt – available now! A beautiful pure cotton T Shirt printed with the design by local artist.  Sizes available; Large, Xlarge, XXlarge and XXXlarge.  Collect your Tshirt from NICA’s office or contact us to arrange postage

Price; $10 and postage and handling within Qld is $7.

  • Noosa Worst Weeds

Noosa’s Worst Weeds

A brochure published by NICA. Copies are available at NICA or Noosa Council office.

  • Gardening in Noosa Biosphere

Gardening in Noosa Biosphere

This free publication is available from NICA . A guide for gardeners on what local native plants grow well in different Eco Systems; Coastal, Sandy Heathland, Wet Eucalypt, Dry Eucalypt and Paperbark Woodland.

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