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Project Description

This program is supported by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council. NICA’s water quality monitoring equipment was proudly funded by the Queensland Government’s Gambling Community Benefit Fund.

The program contributes to several goals and actions of the Noosa River Catchment Management Strategy:  OBH 4.2, BLM 4.6, MWQ 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, RUS 4.1, RSM 1.1, 3.2, 4.3

The program is consists of several components:

  • Stormwater Monitoring
  • Industrial Stormwater Improvement Partnership
  • Stormwater Stencilling
  • Stormwater Education

Tips to prevent stormwater pollution

 Washing your car

Wash your car on a grassed area or at a designated car wash rather than on the road. That way the detergents and dirt will not run down the road, into a stormwater drain and into the river. Mop buckets should never be tipped down stormwater drains.

Fixing your car

If you are fixing your car at home do not tip engine oil into stormwater drains. Also make sure your car is regularly maintained so it does not leak oil or petrol. Engine oil can be recycled at Council�s Eumundi Road, Cooroy or Pomona waste transfer stations


An alternative to allowing leaves or garden clippings to accumulate in gutters or driveways is to sweep them up and start a compost heap or use them in your garden as mulch. This way you will prevent them entering the street drain where they can cause pollution.

Put litter in a bin

 Make sure all your litter ends up in a bin. Litter dropped in our streets ends up in our street drains and is transported to our waterways following rain. Cigarette butts and plastics have huge impacts on water quality and cause wildlife mortality. Do not wash out bins into the gutter.

Paint brush cleaning

Rinse paint brushes in the laundry trough or garden rather than letting the contaminated water flow into the street stormwater drain. Tip or wipe excess paint on brushes onto newspaper or a rag. Allow to dry and then place this waste in a bin.

Cleaning the footpath

 Always sweep rather than hose your footpath and place waste in the bin. Hosing with water carries dirt, soil or other waste into the street drains. Try to surround hard surfaces with vegetation increasing paved areas will increase stormwater run-off

Pick up dog droppings

Always clean up after your animals. Dog dropping left in our streets ends up in our street drains and is transported to our waterways following rain.

Avoid using weed killers close to rain period or in wind, and landscape using native plants

Native plants are more suited to Australian conditions and require less maintenance, water and fertilisers.

 Please contact Noosa Integrated Catchment Association (07) 54 499 650 for any assistance or further information.

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