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Project Description

NICA can assist schools to develop plans to engage in environmental and natural resource learning activities.  We have worked with a range of local schools and can provide opportunities for students and teachers to increase their knowledge of local environmental issues in the Noosa River Catchment.  Issues to consider will include learning outcomes, available time, student supervision, health and safety and transport as they may apply to your activity.

Our engagement with your school will include a quote for the event.   This charge does include GST but does not include any costs associated with the transport of student to sites or the supply of equipment or materials.  NICA charges a flat rate of $90.00 per hour.  We can provide;

  • Info on the impact of landscape values and characteristics on water quality.
  • General info on what a Catchment is and the various human activities that impact the water quality.
  • General info on wastewater treatment.
  • We can talk about gross pollutants and how they might be contained.
  • NICA can discuss its activities in the river that support WaterWatch and the activities of the volunteers to collect litter and remove it.
  • NICA could also discuss bird monitoring in the Estuary and the East Asian – Australasian Flyway.
  • Hands on activity at local bushland regeneration sites including weeding and planting.

Contact us by email for further information.

Project Details


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