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Project Description

The Noosa Volunteer River Ranger Project is one of the many outcomes of the Noosa Catchment Management Strategy.  Funded by the Noosa Council, the project has been running since May 2005.


  • Provide NICA a presence on the river to facilitate various aspects of river management
  • Assist in the implementation of local, catchment and regional strategies
  • Provide information to facilitate education and awareness  on catchment, river, biodiversity, water quality , ecosystem health and fisheries
  • Provide assistance to institutional, government and industry based research
  • Identify environmental issues and potential project sites
  • Coordinate litter collection and assist with pollution control
  • Encourage a volunteer support base to assist the River Ranger either directly or indirectly through existing groups
  • Promote community discussion and participation


Using NICA’s boat, the Volunteer River Rangers are  out on the river each week engaged in water testing, clean up and mangrove planting.

The Rangers, with support from other volunteers, also carry out weeding sessions when needed.  For example, in Sept 2010, a team led by NICA committee member Joan Heavey, spent many hours removing over 30 large bags of Singapore Daisy from a vegetated sand island near the river mouth, this has now become a regular activity each year.   This effort is expected to help improve the bird habitats on the island.

New volunteers are always welcome.  Become a member of NICA go to ‘Get Involved’ on our webpage for further information.

Project Details


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