NICA’s 20th Anniversary Catchment Excursions 2018-01-05T10:23:28+00:00

Project Description

Many people live, work and play in the catchment of the Noosa River.  It stretches from Lake Weyba in the south and north to Teewah Creek.  As our population increases it is important to see how industry, government and individuals take care of where they live.  The excursions are an opportunity to enjoy our surroundings and observe practices being used to reduce our impact on the natural environment. The Noosa Integrated Catchment Association is celebrating its 20th year by conducting 10 excursions that focus on different aspects of human interaction with the natural environment in the Noosa River catchment.

You will find reports on each excursion here:

  1. Lake Cooroibah
  2. River Mouth
  3. Forests in the Catchment
  4. History of a River Town
  5. Kinaba
  6. Wildflower Bus Trip


Project Details


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